Umi Jigoku

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Umi Jigoku ("Sea hell") is one of Beppu's seven 'Hells', renowned hot spring attractions known for their unique natural appearances (not bathing!).



559-1 Kannawa, Beppu, Oita 874-0000 (Направления)

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Блюда на пару от "Адской кухни"

Блюда на пару от "Адской кухни"

Dieu Huong Do

Дзигоку муси кобо от Беппу, или блюда на пару от "Адской кухни", подарит вам незабываемые вкусовые впечатления, которые вы не получите больше нигде.

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Beppu Sand Beach [Closed]

Beppu Sand Beach [Closed]

If you're suffering from chronic pain, high blood pressure, stress, or almost any other ailment you can imagine, look no further than the famous sands of Beppu Sand Beach for a chance at relief. This black sand beach and hot spring area are said to have healing properties and has long been used as a fashionable and healthy retreat. While Beppu is no stranger to hot springs, the sands of Shoningahama Beach are heated to more than 40-degrees Celsius thanks to the geothermic waters. There's nothing quite like being buried up to your neck under the sands, sweating out the impurities while you listen to the soothing sounds of ocean waves lapping at the shoreline. With just enough room for twelve people at a time to experience the sand baths, there are some days when there is a wait of one hour or more. However, the helpful staff will take your phone number and give you a call when it's your turn, so in the meantime why not enjoy nearby hot springs or a stroll along the beach. You also don't have to worry about rain or the beating sun ruining your experience. There's a moveable cover over the sandpit that allows guests to stay dry and comfortable during their relaxation. Also, don't forget your camera--the staff is always willing to take a photo of you buried up to the neck in the sands. A memento that will last long after you wash the sand off.

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Mount Yufu

Mount Yufu

Mount Yufu is a stratovolcano located on the border of Yufu and Beppu in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu. The summit reaches a height of 1,583.3 meters (5,195 feet) and there are two peaks, both popular for hiking; Higashi-mine Peak in the east and Nishi-mine Peak in the west with the latter being one meter taller. The two peaks resemble the humps of a camel overlooking Yufuin City. The paths are clearly marked and it makes for an easy to intermediate hike. It takes about two hours to reach either peak and an hour and a half to descend. Many hikers elect to visit both peaks in one day. There are also sites at the base of the mountain that hand out free trail guides to would-be hikers. Higashi-mine is the easier of the peaks to climb, while there is a level of difficulty in reaching the peak of Nishi-mine and is advised for more experienced hikers. From the saddle between both peaks, it is a fifteen-minute hike to either peak. Autumn seems to be the high-season for hikers to visit and admire the many-colored leaves along the trails as well as the sweeping vista from the summit.

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Mount Takasaki Monkey Park

Mount Takasaki Monkey Park

The Takasaki Monkey Park is a popular monkey reserve at the foot of Mount Takasaki, a 628 meter high mountain along the coast between Beppu and Oita. The mountain is home to around 1,500 wild Japanese macaques. What began in 1952 as a way for locals to keep the monkeys from ruining their crops has since turned into a haven for the macaque monkeys and the people who love to watch them. To keep the animals away from fields and residential areas, they were fed by park rangers. The monkeys come to the monkey park in the mornings and afternoons and are fed by the guards and spend their time playing and resting. However, as they are wild, visitors should keep their distance from the animals.

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