Beppu Sand Beach

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If you're suffering from chronic pain, high blood pressure, stress, or almost any other ailment you can imagine, look no further than the famous sands of Beppu Sand Beach for a chance at relief. This black sand beach and hot spring area are said to have healing properties and has long been used as a fashionable and healthy retreat. While Beppu is no stranger to hot springs, the sands of Shoningahama Beach are heated to more than 40-degrees Celsius thanks to the geothermic waters. There's nothing quite like being buried up to your neck under the sands, sweating out the impurities while you listen to the soothing sounds of ocean waves lapping at the shoreline.



Shoningahamacho, Beppu, Oita 874-0000 (Направления)

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A short walk from Beppudaigaku Station.

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Блюда на пару от "Адской кухни"

Блюда на пару от "Адской кухни"

Dieu Huong Do

Дзигоку муси кобо от Беппу, или блюда на пару от "Адской кухни", подарит вам незабываемые вкусовые впечатления, которые вы не получите больше нигде.

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Umi Jigoku

Umi Jigoku

Umi Jigoku ("Sea hell") is one of Beppu's seven 'Hells', renowned hot spring attractions known for their unique natural appearances (not bathing!). The pond at Umi Jigoku is a beautiful cobalt blue, which creates a striking contrast against the rising steam and nearby red torii gate. A number of smaller ponds also dot the landscape here. including orange-coloured ones and ones with lotus flowers.

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Mount Takasaki Monkey Park

Mount Takasaki Monkey Park

The Takasaki Monkey Park is a popular monkey reserve at the foot of Mount Takasaki, a 628 meter high mountain along the coast between Beppu and Oita. The mountain is home to around 1,500 wild Japanese macaques. What began in 1952 as a way for locals to keep the monkeys from ruining their crops has since turned into a haven for the macaque monkeys and the people who love to watch them. To keep the animals away from fields and residential areas, they were fed by park rangers. The monkeys come to the monkey park in the mornings and afternoons and are fed by the guards and spend their time playing and resting. However, as they are wild, visitors should keep their distance from the animals.

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Umi-Tamago in Oita Prefecture boasts as a place where you can befriend sea animals. Feel yourself become one with marine life at this hands-on experience aquarium. Inside the aquarium, you'll find countless sea animals, from walruses to fish, dolphins, and seals, Umi-Tamago has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Enjoy the live performance shows throughout the day. Especially popular are the walruses who provide the audience with a comedy show full of laughs. The dolphins' acrobatic show is sure to awe you and have you on the edge of your seat. later, visit the fish tanks to see live feedings and watch the divers play with the fish. There's even a touch tank where you can touch and hold various sea creatures. This two-story aquarium will give visitors a better appreciation of the ocean and the life it holds, while also letting you enjoy your time to the fullest. Hours of operation vary from season to season, so be sure to check before you go. From March to November, Umi-Tamago is open from 9 am to 6 pm. From November to February, Umi-Tamago is open from 9 am to 5 pm. August 1 to 31 is considered a special season, and the park is open from 9 am to 7 pm.

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