Tokyo Dome City

A fun filled entertainment mecca in Tokyo's Bunkyo ward

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Tokyo Dome city is an enormous entertainment, mini city located in the heart of Tokyo. It offers a splendid variety of attractions and dining experiences for entertainment and fun filled experiences.

From families to couples or just friends that want to go out on the town and have an enjoyable experience there is something for everyone.

The complex is divide up into several zones and they are all easily accessible by a pedestrian bridge that connects them all.

Tokyo Dome City attractions include LaQua with three zones for your entertainment pleasure. A fun filled amusement park with 25 attractions,including the Big O, the worlds first center less Ferris wheel, Wonder Drop water slide, Venus Lagoon merry-go-round, The Dive a pirate themed ride and shooting game and Thunder Dolphin a thrilling roller coater ride that takes you over the roof of the building above (sometimes closed for maintenance). Especially for kids, ASOBono is a large indoor playground with lots of toys to enjoy. It is split into five themed sections. The ocean,the train station,the forest,the town and the babies only area. There is also also a roller skate arena and a bowling alley.

A couple of other attractions to take in just across the road are the Bunkyo Civic Center Observatory and the Koishikawa Kōrakuen Garden. The observatory will give you a birds eye view of LaQua and the Korakuen garden.

Spa LaQua is a high class natural hot springs spa fed by the Koishikawa Hot Springs. A great place to relax after the amusement park or a sports game before heading out to dinner. La offers a choice of 70 shops and restaurants.

Tokyo dome is a sports fans mecca. It is a multipurpose sports stadium that holds regular events throughout the year. Here you can partake in the lively atmosphere attending baseball games, international sporting events, a variety of related exhibitions and concerts. It is the franchise center for the famous Japanese baseball team the Yomuri giants who play more than 60 games a year there. If you want to stay the night the Tokyo Dome Hotel can suit your needs.

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