The charming Yanaka Komichi street (Photo: Mandy Bartok)

Exploring Gujo Hachiman

A weekend in rural Gifu Prefecture

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Gujo Hachiman is a small town that sits in the mountains of western Gifu Prefecture. The town is renowned for the clarity of its water and the entire city is crisscrossed by three major rivers and numerous small channels and wells. Gujo Hachiman castle sits on a peak overlooking the town, and the hike to the top is rewarding in autumn when the nearby maples are ablaze. In any season, visitors can stroll the historic streets, make plastic food samples at one of several workshops or join in the fun of learning a few dance moves at the Hakurankan, a museum dedicated to Gujo''s famed three-month summer festival.

Gujo Hachiman can be reached via highway bus from Takayama or Nagoya, or by train from Gifu City.

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