Poku Poku Bento Zenpin 280 Yen

Outrageously priced bentos for the budget conscious

Jeremy Yap
Jeremy Yap   - 2 min read

Cheap eats are hard to come by in Tokyo. You either shell out 800 Yen (approximately USD $8) for a regular bowl of ramen or pay over the top prices for an extravagant feast.

Uh oh! So what do you do if you are on a budget? Well, you can either take the time to cook your own meal or head out to a cheap bento takeaway restaurant like me.

Poku Poku Bento Zenpin 280 Yen was the answer, with bentos priced at 280 Yen (approximately USD$3), it was such a steal. The exterior might not be too inviting but hey, we are in the category of cheap eats now aren´t we? Moreover, with all things affordable, Poku Poku Bento Zenpin 280 Yen boast a huge selection of bentos for us to choose from. This includes curry bento which consists of fish and chicken curry, vegetarian bento that comes packed with eggplant, cabbages and lettuce or like me, you can get a sweet and sour pork bento!

The portions are generous with huge amounts of rice to fill your hungry little tummy. Unless, you have a bigger appetite than I do. If so, you could get another bento set and with two sets coming in at 560 Yen, it is still cheaper than a regular bowl of ramen.

But wait, the bento is a little cold. Fret not! For you are allowed to use any of the two micro wave ovens stationed in the store to heat up your meal. Let the micro wave oven work its magic for 30 seconds and poof. That once lukewarm set of bento that you were holding onto is now piping hot and ready to eat.

Now what about the taste? Is it good? Well, it wasn´t mind-blowingly delicious to say the least but it definitely tastes better than the food that I would have cooked. Moreover, the whole process of entering the shop, buying the bento, heating it up took no less than a minute whereas if I was to cook a meal by myself, it would have taken no less than 30 minutes.

Thus, if you are pushed for time or just plain lazy, Poku Poku Bento Zenpin 280 Yen is just for you.

Jeremy Yap

Jeremy Yap @jeremy.yap

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