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Akita Kanto Festival 2024

One of the three tanabata festivals

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Venue : Kanto Odori When : Early Aug 2024

The Kanto Matsuri is also known as the pole lantern festival. It is a Tanabata-related celebration in Akita City held annually from August 3rd to 6th. During this, performers display their skills of balancing kanto, a long bamboo pole with paper lanterns attached. This, along with the Aomori Nebuta Festival and Sendai Tanabata festival, makes up the three great festivals of the Tohoku Region.

The Kanto pole sizes vary and can go up to 12 meters, 50 kilograms, and support up to 46 paper lanterns with real candles. These are hoisted up high in performance to the sound of drums, flutes, as people chant "Dokkoisho, dokkoisho."

The main event, the Night Parades, is held along Chuo Dori street. Performing groups carry up to 250 kanto poles, raising them up in unison, making a spectacular show. Kanto competitions are also held during the daytime by Senshu Park. Each Kanto group competes as either solo or in a larger group and performs to music.

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